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Rennie Ferguson

Injury Epidemiologist, MHS, CPH

Rennie’s passion for injury prevention research began when she worked at the National Capital Poison Center as program associate and educator. She acquired new skills in her master’s program at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which allowed her to study trends in childhood injury risk areas. In her work at Safe Kids, Rennie explores emerging trends in the field and collaborates with injury prevention leaders to reduce childhood injury.

Blogs by Rennie Ferguson

Medicine bottle to illustrate medication safety

Grandparents are playing a bigger role than ever before in raising their grandkids. More than 7 million grandparents in the United States live with their grandchildren, and 13 percent of grandparents are relied on to be a trusted caregiver.

Baby placed in a safe sleep position

Every new parent has been faced with those sleepless nights resulting in gritty eyes and pounding headaches the next morning. Finding the perfect way to get your baby to sleep through the night is just part of the journey. We know it’s tempting for some parents to take their babies to sleep in their own beds or put blankets or toys in a crib to make it seem like a cozier place.

Photo: Distracted Teen

The hazards of walking while distracted

Have you ever texted a friend while walking down a sidewalk and thought ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ For this unsuspecting guy, it was almost running into a hungry-looking brown bear. Luckily, everyone turned out okay. But what if that bear had been a car going 30 miles per hour?