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Becca and Thomas
How One Family is Using their Tragedy to Help Others.
Photo: Nora Beaudette
One Dad's mission to make sure all kids ride safely.
teen pedestrian safety
One mom shares her personal tragedy to raise awareness and talk about distracted walking.
concussion safety
Steve Oswald shares his story to raise awareness about concussions.
heatstroke safety
Stephanie Gray talks about her devastating experience of losing a child.
child safety heatstroke
Meet Deona Ryan talks about the day she lost her daughter to heatstroke.
Jenny and Sydney Stanley
I’m sharing my story with you because I’m hoping that something good can come out of our tragedy.
child safety heatstroke
I’m sharing my story to encourage every parent and care provider to learn a new muscle memory. To never leave a child alone in a car.
Payton Lyn
I made a promise to my sweet Payton that I would do everything I could to prevent this horror from ever happening to another innocent child.
Norman Lee Van Collins III
Bishop’s death was tragic and unintentional. It was the result of confusion and misunderstanding between two people. But above all it was preventable.