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Philippines Model School Zone Project

The School

School Name: St. Andrew's School
City: Parañaque City 
Number of Students: 1,989

The Issue

Almost 2,000 students, along with parents and teachers, walk on dangerous roads to reach St. Andrew's School every day. Traffic signs announcing a school zone, speed limit, "children crossing" or "curve ahead" are not present around this school, which is exposed to heavy traffic throughout the day. Sidewalks are either too narrow for pedestrians or unavailable due to their use by street vendors. The few crosswalks that exist are faded.

The Project

Safe Kids Philippines, together with other non-governmental organizations, the parent/teachers association, police officers and traffic engineers, will install road signs, crosswalks and road markings, and improve sidewalks to minimize the risks that children face during their walk to and from school.

Where We Are

Philippines Model School Zone Project


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Oct. 25, 2012 - We completed all interventions, including environmental modifications and education for children, parents, school bus drivers and enforcers. The attention received from the project at St. Joseph's inspired others to take steps to make their schools safer. We will soon begin the last phase of the project: collecting post-assessment data to evaluate the effectiveness of our interventions.

July 23, 2012 - We are implementing the intervention work plan, including beginning construction for the parent's waiting area, installing a crosswalk and pedestrian lane, and conducting classroom education.

May 9, 2012 - We completed Phase I of the project. This included conducting the baseline assessment and creating the intervention work plan. We began to implement interventions in May 2012.